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Stephany N.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2023
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Stephany N.
Hello, I'm your trainer, Stephany! I'm a certified personal trainer with seven years of experience working with people of all fitness levels. I'm deeply committed to the belief that physical well-being is intricately connected to mental health. Guiding my clients, I emphasize strength, improved mobility and enhanced confidence, all aimed at improving quality of life through movement and personal healthy lifestyle pursuits. My personalized training style revolves around a balanced perspective on exercise, acknowledging the importance of nurturing both body and mind. I understand that sustainable wellness practices must be not only effective, but also enjoyable, and I'm dedicated to crafting fitness routines that meet you where you are and evolve with your journey. Let's embark on a personalized path to achieve your fitness goals while prioritizing your mental health for lasting well-being.
7+ years Personal Training
Associates Degree in Kinesiology
Certified Personal Trainer
Functional Strength Training
Playing board games
Spending time with my husband & dachshund
Traveling to national parks
America - Chicago
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Stephany N.
More about Stephany N.
Additional specialties:
Strength training
Weight management
Mobility & flexibility
Quality of life
Mental wellness
Additional experience:
Plus-size populations
Older populations
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Stephany N.
Stephany, my coach at trainwell, has been an amazing support in helping me to start a routine, improving my overall health and acing my weight loss goals. The best thing about her is how personable, caring and real she is. In the short time we've worked together, I've been struck by her kind and caring spirit that genuinely brightens my journey to better health. She radiates excitement in supporting others and her admirable dedication inspires me to keep going!
Trainwell client since Dec 05, 2023
"I greatly appreciate how consistently my coach provides options to keep me moving. Her positive and motivating personality is truly the best thing about her - she's simply great!"
Trainwell client since Nov 16, 2023
Trainwell client since
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