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We're not just about workouts; we're about creating personalized fitness journeys. As an ambassador for trainwell, you’ll play a crucial role in inspiring others.

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Why partner with us?
Trainwell combines the personalization and accountability of a human expert with the flexibility of technology. Your virtual personal trainer customizes guided workouts to your goals, schedule, and injuries. Every program is tailored to you and continuously adapted. With our app, you workout anytime, anywhere.

By becoming an ambassador, you join us in our mission to make fitness accessible and personalized for everyone.
Personalize your influence with trainwell
Trainwell crafts a fitness journey that's about progress
Authentic progress
Through your YouTube integration, showcase how trainwell crafts a fitness journey that's all about sustainable, personalized progress, not quick fixes.
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Integrated fitness
Document how trainwell adapts to your schedule, preferences, and needs, making fitness a natural part of your daily life.
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Celebrate your story
Highlight the unique experience you receive from your trainwell trainer, emphasizing that everyone's fitness journey is personalized.
How to get started
Onboarding experience
Begin your journey with an onboarding video call with your personal trainer to set goals and discuss any limitations.
Engage with your trainer and the app, sharing your progress and insights.
Content creation
Produce content that aligns with our values—focusing on the personal benefits and challenges of working out.
Success stories
Our most effective partnerships feature ambassadors who articulate their fitness journeys and challenges, introduce trainwell as a shared solution, and build anticipation before revealing it.
YouTube creator Wheezy Waiter worked out for 200 Days
See how Wheezy's 200-day fitness journey with trainwell led to sustainable health changes and a deeper understanding of personalized fitness.
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Woman sharing the truth about ADHD and exercise
Learn from experience as How to ADHD navigates fitness with her personal challenges, finding structure and support with trainwell.
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Ready to become a trainwell ambassador?
We're looking for creators who are eager for a long-term partnership with us. If you're passionate about fitness and want to make a difference, we'd love to hear from you.
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