CoPilot is now trainwell
May 30, 2024

CoPilot is now trainwell

Matt Spettel

Three years ago when we launched the CoPilot brand, the world of tech and startups was a very different place.

Since then, the artificial intelligence sector has exploded and the term “copilot” has become synonymous with AI chatbots. With every passing day, a new “copilot” company launches, promising to automate another task or business need.

While some boldly claim that these AI chatbots will displace every human job and eagerly ask me when we are going to replace our trainers with software, we are standing strong behind our human-led product thesis.

Similar to many fitness apps, a chatbot can generate simple workouts to help you get started.

But a chatbot can’t hold you accountable.

A chatbot can’t share your passions and your excitement.

A chatbot can’t relate to your human insecurities or flaws.

A chatbot can’t celebrate your wins with you.

And a chatbot can’t empathize with you on your darkest days.

As more and more low-quality AI services are launched, the demand for genuine human connection and high-quality service will skyrocket. We are doubling down on building the best personal training experience in the world and offering the best jobs and benefits to the outstanding humans who make it all possible. We are using technology not to replace our trainers, but to make them 10x better than they have ever  been before.

With this in mind, I am extremely proud and excited to unveil a new name to clearly separate our amazing trainers from the world of chatbot “copilots”: trainwell.

Our trainers and core services will remain unchanged through this renaming, but you’ll see our new name and logo across all of our products. We’re excited to continue helping you train well.

To all of our amazing clients, employees, and investors: thank you for the support you’ve shown our company over the past years. I am incredibly excited to grow trainwell into a household name that will impact billions of lives around the globe. 

Matt Spettel

Trainwell CEO

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