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Discover a fitness experience that revolves around you and your unique aspirations. At trainwell, we're redefining fitness, one personalized workout at a time.

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What makes us different?
We’re not here for the fitness fads or a quick transformation - trainwell envisions a world where fitness is a seamless part of your lifestyle. We believe that every individual is unique, and your fitness journey should be, too.
Every workout plan is customized to match your unique goals and lifestyle, ensuring your fitness journey is as individual as you are.
Workout from the gym or comfort of your home with step-by-step instructions and live feedback on your pacing and form.
Human connection
Our experienced trainers are your partners on this fitness journey, consistently making your workouts more enjoyable and effective.
Our story
In 2018, founders Matt Spettel and Gabe Madonna set out to build a fitness tech company. They started by building apps and AI to track their workouts, but learned an important lesson: the real pain points in fitness were those of personalization and motivation.

To solve those problems they needed to build something much more than just an app. In 2020, trainwell (formerly CoPilot) introduced real human trainers and new tech to provide personalization, flexibility, and accountability - the rest is history.
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Backed by the best
“In leading this investment, we’re proud to support a superb team as they address a huge gap in the health quality improvement space. Trainwell is a great product that brings together the best of human coaching paired with a variety of healthcare boosting techniques to round out a complete strategy.”
Jackson Square Ventures Victor Echvarria
Victor Echevarria
Managing Director, JSV
Hyde Park Venture Partners
Ten One Ten
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Our approach
At trainwell, we place you at the center of your fitness journey. We understand that fitness is an individual, evolving experience. We focus on personalization, flexibility, and education as we blend human coaching with intuitive technology to ensure your workouts are enjoyable and effective.
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Ready for a fitness journey that's all about you? Join trainwell and experience truly personalized fitness. Let's build a stronger, healthier, and more confident version of you, together.
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