Trainer tips - What’s your favorite rest day activity?
February 1, 2024

Trainer tips - What’s your favorite rest day activity?

Trainwell Trainers

Everyone needs to have some chill down time. That can look different for each of us. We asked our trainers their favorite ways to relax when they aren’t working or are taking a day off from their workout routines. 

Copilot fitness coach erin
Trainwell trainer Erin

Get outside! Take the dog on a walk, find a new hike, or if it's sunny go to a brewery with outdoor seating.

CoPilot fitness coach Allison
Trainwell trainer Allison

I do literally nothing, put my phone on do not disturb, and snuggle up with my dog Mollie while binging on a show or movie that I've been wanting to see. 

Copilot fitness coach Grace
Trainwell trainer Grace

I enjoy walking my dog, Cooper and watching movies or getting outside for a hike!

Copilot fitness coach Jackie
Trainwell trainer Jackie

When I take a rest day, I read a book, take my dog for a walk. In the summer go paddle boarding with my dog, plus swimming!

Copilot fitness coach Dante
Trainwell trainer Dante

I go into rest days with an open mind to relax and chill out. If I want to get some movement in doing something that's fun I’ll go on a walk, shoot hoops at the park, or just enjoy some outdoors time.

Copilot fitness coach Ryan
Trainwell trainer Ryan

My rest days include walking or hiking with the family, yard work, and chasing around a toddler.

Copilot fitness coach Jody
Trainwell trainer Jody

I love taking long hikes with my partner and our dogs. Immersing myself in nature is an incredible recharge to my mental and spiritual health. I enjoy following up our outdoor adventures with a great meal and maybe a stop at an outdoor brewery to soak up some more sunshine with suds. 

Copilot fitness coach Sean
Trainwell trainer Sean

Play with my kids on the playground or at the trampoline park, take a family walk around the neighborhood and down to our duck pond nearby, play hide and seek with my kids, go ice skating with the family are my favorite rest day activities.

Copilot fitness coach Jared
Trainwell trainer Jared

When I’m taking a rest day I enjoy playing sports, watching Netflix, or calling and talking to friends. The best is going to the movie theater and watching a movie!

Copilot fitness coach Dylan
Trainwell trainer Dylan

When I need to recharge I’ll go on a hike or walk outside and then play some video games!

Trainwell trainer Caylene

I'm a major homebody so I love just chilling on the couch with the kiddo and dog watching Netflix.

Copilot fitness coach Caylene
Trainwell trainer Tatiana

Walking my dog, going rock climbing, going to the beach (when I still lived in Florida lol), and binge watching Netflix are my big rest day activities. 

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Written by trainwell trainers

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