Trainer tips - 7 Ways to sneak in exercises at your desk
April 10, 2024

Trainer tips - 7 Ways to sneak in exercises at your desk

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We've all been guilty of sitting for hours on end without taking a break. Sitting at a desk without integrating regular movement patterns or stretching into your day can wreak havoc on your body and brain. There are so many ways to integrate movement into your regular routine, whether you are simply stretching, weight training, or going for a mid-day walk. Getting your body moving has a wide range of health benefits, such as releasing muscle tension, reducing pain, providing your eyes with a screen break, and even promoting brain relaxation and mental health. We are excited to provide a handful of practical ways you can stretch and sneak in movement at work, directly from trainwell (formerly CoPilot) certified personal trainers.  

CoPilot Habit Coach Maria

Trainwell trainer Maria

The seated figure 4 stretch is one of my favorites to do during the day. It stretches your hips and glutes. I recommend you sit tall in a sturdy chair (with no wheels) with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Cross your right leg over your left, letting the right knee open to the side. Hold the stretch and then repeat on the other side. Make sure to relax and breathe!

CoPilot habit coach Jill

Trainwell trainer Jill

My go-to is doing squats at my desk as a form of strength training and light cardio. You can do any type you like (half, full, sumo). Doing squats regular have unique benefits, like keeping my body strong, promoting heart health, increasing muscle tone, and helping my overall mental health.

CoPilot Coach Allison

Trainwell trainer Allison

Set a timer and get up to do a lap around your office or house every hour. This gives your boy and brain a much-deserved break and can help improve your mental health and overall fitness. Moving regularly helps decrease high blood pressure, reduce body fat, and is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease and keep your overall health strong.

CoPilot habit coach Lindsay

Trainwell trainer Lindsay

Try the straddle stretch. Stand feet hip-width apart while letting your head and arms hang. When you're done, slowly roll up one vertebra at a time. This releases tension from your shoulders, which can help your body relax. Make sure you maintain good form if you choose to add this stretch to your regular movement routine.

CoPilot habit coach Caylene

Trainwell trainer Caylene

When reading, I’ll get up and do push-ups or squats after every chapter. If I'm just at my desk for a long time, I get up after 30 minutes and do jumping jacks. It’s a nice energy boost to wake myself up, plus adding this to a regular workout routine can promote better sleep, improve confidence and even provide some stress relief from a hard day at work.

CoPilot habit coach Devyn

Trainwell trainer Devyn

Loosen your arms and wrists with forearm stretches. Extend your arms in front of you with one palm facing you and facing away from you. Use your fingers to bend your hand down at the wrist. This exercise movement is especially helpful if you're sitting at a desk all day, typing away. It can help with injury prevention so you can avoid health challenges like arthritis or tendonitis, as it increases blood flow and keeps your arms and wrists flexible.

CoPilot habit coach Ken

Trainwell trainer Ken

March in place for 30 seconds while doing arm stretches. While seated (or standing), do ankle and feet rotations. To stretch your back, try the cat-cow pose. Make sure to breathe and focus on having good form while you're doing these stretches.

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