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Ken E.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2021
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Ken E.
Hey, I’m Ken. I have a deep passion for health and fitness from playing many sports in high school and college. This led me to become a certified personal trainer specializing in performance, strength, injury prevention, and nutrition. Over the years, I have gained experience working with clients of all ages. I learned to implement strategies to promote healthy habits, sustainable results, and knowledge to help each individual become the best version of themselves. I enjoy helping clients build strong lifestyle habits by achieving daily goals. I love seeing how clients get lasting results and transform their bodies forever. I will challenge you and be your biggest supporter.
11 years training
MS Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention
ACE Personal Trainer
Sports Performance
Weight Loss
Functional Training
Motorcycle riding
Family time
Scary movies
America - New York
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Ken E.
More about Ken E.
Additional specialties:
Healthy eating
Overall health
Mobility & flexibility
Sports performance
Strength training
Additional experience:
Plus-size populations
Older populations
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Ken E.
"Ken from trainwell has been my rock in meeting my fitness goals, creating awesome workouts that keep me engaged and motivated. The best part is his attentiveness, as he always ensures to adjust my workouts based on my preferences! Moreover, his motivating messages and regular FaceTime check-ins on goals have made a real difference to me."
Trainwell client since Jan 07, 2022
Ken's infectious positivity has been an incredible catalyst in my weight loss journey through trainwell. Not only does he design insightful plans that increase my mobility and strength, but his responsiveness and adaptability make the process feel effortless. Ken has truly transformed my struggle into a great and rewarding experience.
Trainwell client since Jan 08, 2022
The personalized workouts tailored to my preferences and Ken's positive, motivating attitude keep me consistently active and engaged. Ken always checks in and helps maintain my motivation; he's genuinely great!
Trainwell client since Jan 07, 2022
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