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Lu F.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2023
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Lu F.
Hey, I'm your trainer, Lu. My passion for health and athletic performance comes from playing sports through high school. I love the process of training, improving my performance and seeing how I develop physically, as well as using training and exercise as a therapeutic outlet. This passion continued through college, where I started training others and learning how to bring my love of health and fitness to clients with a variety of goals from all backgrounds. I find joy in working with clients to find the healthiest versions of themselves through nutrition, exercise and creating environments that promote sustainable outcomes along their health journeys. My goal as a trainer is to help all my clients discover their happiest, healthiest selves while enjoying the process!
11+ Years Personal Training
B.S. in Kinesiology (Exercise Science)
M.S. in Kinesiology (Coaching Education)
Sports Performance & Athletics
Health & Longevity
America - New York
More about
Lu F.
More about Lu F.
Additional specialties:
Healthy eating
Overall health
Mobility & flexibility
Quality of life
Sports performance
Additional experience:
Plus-size populations
Older populations
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Lu F.
My coach at trainwell is both encouraging and compassionate. I'm particularly impressed by his patience in answering all my queries and his fervor in helping me reach my fitness goals. He's a true professional who's passionate about his work.
Trainwell client since Nov 18, 2023
Coach Lu from Copilot has truly made a difference in my fitness journey with his versatile workouts and deep understanding of my needs. His cool personality keeps me motivated and his wealth of knowledge assures me that I'm in safe hands. Thanks to him, staying fit has never been more enjoyable.
Trainwell client since Nov 18, 2023
Trainwell client since
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