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Amanda R.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2022
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Amanda R.
Hey, I'm your trainer, Amanda! My passion for health and fitness began when I played soccer and lacrosse in high school. In college, I kicked off my career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I taught kickboxing classes and worked with clients who wanted to lose weight and gain muscle. Over the years, I've developed a deeper, more holistic understanding of what it means to be truly healthy and fit. I have learned to coach my clients on how to build healthy habits that last a lifetime and to value rest as much as they do work. I love watching my clients become more connected to their bodies and minds every day. If you work with me, I will be your number one supporter and guide. I will help you break through limiting beliefs and teach you to enjoy the journey of creating a new lifestyle of health and fitness.
BS Exercise Science
NASM Personal Trainer
Strength Training
Holistic Fitness
Weight Loss
Music, especially Trance and Reggae
Spending time in nature
America - New York
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Amanda R.
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Plus-size populations
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Amanda R.
My trainwell coach's encouraging energy, extensive knowledge, and continual accessibility are outstanding. I value her unwavering dedication to regularly tweak my workouts and check in on my progress, which displays her understanding nature that I truly appreciate.
Trainwell client since Oct 22, 2021
My trainwell coach has been pivotal in my journey to reach my goals, always offering informative assistance whenever I had questions. Having her as my guide has been a valuable experience, she's been incredibly helpful and I sincerely appreciate her.
Trainwell client since Dec 10, 2022
Balancing a hectic lifestyle with my health goals used to be difficult until I started working with Amanda from trainwell. She consistently encourages me, perfectly adapting my workouts as needed, and is always incredibly kind and supportive. Amanda truly goes above and beyond, and without her, I couldn't have been successful in my journey to be healthier and stronger.
Trainwell client since Jan 05, 2021
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