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Jessie B.
Hi! I'm Jessie! Growing up playing soccer through college - I've always had a natural want to move my body! Throughout my soccer career, I endured 6 knee surgeries and needed to find a way to step away from the sport I love but continue to keep my body strong, functionally fit, and active so I could maintain the ability to do every day activities as I get older. The ultimate goal was to mitigate any pain that may come from multiple operations long term! I was introduced into bodybuilding and strength training during my collegiate years and found a passion in the sport and a love for personal training within my studies! The consistency, discipline, growth both physical and mental has been a game changer in my life! I've never felt more healthy, confident, and strong! I look forward to every single meal, workout, and care/recovery that comes in between! Everyone has an ability to move and this is why I love taking an integrated approach to give everyone a chance to be the best version of themselves within their own capabilities! I strongly believe that exercise is one of the best approaches to leading a very happy, healthy, and pain-free life and I look forward to helping everyone along their journey! We all start off at the same place - this is only the beginning!
7 Years Personal Training
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
Senior Fitness Specialist
Functional Fitness/General Nutrition
Corrective Exercise
Spending time with friends and family
America - Chicago
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Jessie B.
More about Jessie B.
Additional specialties:
Overall health
Strength training
Quality of life
Mobility & flexibility
Weight management
Additional experience:
Autoimmune disease
Plus-size populations
Older populations
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Jessie B.
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Trainwell client since
Trainwell client since
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