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Hallie B.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2023
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Hallie B.
Hi there, I’m Hallie! I developed a passion for all things health and wellness at a young age, starting my own journey in the gym when I was in high school. When I started college, I began to compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. This led me to pursue a BS in Human Nutrition Dietetics and my personal training certification. With in-person and online personal training experience, I’ve crossed paths with a wide variety of clients. Whether working with a stressed-out college student, a retired professor, or a D1 football player, I’ve witnessed firsthand how much fitness can positively elevate people’s lives. I believe there are strong connections between a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health, and I strive to bring these together when working with my clients to improve their life holistically. I’m dedicated to helping you create sustainable change and find happiness beyond a few pounds lost on a scale. We all deserve to feel good in every aspect of our lives!
BS Human Nutrition Dietetics
Certified Personal Trainer
General Health & Wellness
Sports Psychology
Women's Fitness
Spending time with my cat, Daisy
Exploring new places
America - New York
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Hallie B.
More about Hallie B.
Additional specialties:
Healthy eating
Overall health
Mental wellness
Quality of life
Sports performance
Additional experience:
Autoimmune disease
Body dysmorphia
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Hallie B.
My trainwell coach has been instrumental in motivating me and maintaining my workout consistency, she's genuinely concerned about keeping me on track rather than being hard on me for missed sessions. Her frequent outreach combined with her caring approach makes working with her a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Trainwell client since Jun 28, 2022
With my trainwell coach's unwavering guidance, I've learned to see beyond limitations, realizing everything I can do. The beauty of her coaching lies in her non-judgmental demeanor and the ability to simplify complex details into understandable forms. Besides being the kindest person I know, she easily tailors workouts to suit me, quickly tweaking anything that doesn't resonate with me. This connection makes my journey really awesome.
Trainwell client since Jan 18, 2023
Hallie, my coach at trainwell, manages to keep me grounded and on track despite a chaotic work schedule, teaching me that striving for good is better than chasing perfection. She perfectly balances understanding with firmness, ensuring that I stick to my goals as much as possible. Her infectious positivity and enjoyable interactions never fail to brighten even my toughest weeks!
Trainwell client since Jul 26, 2022
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