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Darian H.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2021
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Darian H.
Hi, I'm Darian. I’ve helped clients form healthier habits for over 12 years as a certified personal trainer. I'm passionate about helping my clients build strength, improve mobility, and feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies. I care about helping people find a balanced approach to eating, fitness, and overall well-being. I feel that for wellness practices to be sustainable, they must be easy and enjoyable. I'm dedicated to supporting you in developing wellness routines that meet you where you are and evolve with you.
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
CrossFit L1
Strength Training
Prental & Postpartum
Body Image & Intuitive Eating Coaching
Exploring nature
Watching TV after the kids go to bed
America - New York
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Darian H.
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Darian H.
Throughout my health recovery journey, my exceptionally supportive trainwell coach has been an instrumental figure, regularly modifying my workout plan to suit my needs. Communication is fluid, simple, and she never hesitates to infuse creativity in her methodology. Not only is she easy to work with, but her down-to-earth demeanor makes me feel incredibly fortunate to have found her. Here's to you, Darian!
Trainwell client since Jan 10, 2022
Darian's understanding of my limitations has helped me greatly, always making me feel good about even the smallest effort. Even in the midst of a tough year, her kindness and never-ending encouragement have been invaluable. More than just her fantastic knowledge about workouts, her sense of humor adds an extra layer of motivation.
Trainwell client since May 22, 2021
My coach, Darian, has been an exceptional accountability partner, helping me stick to a routine, be realistic and to never give up, even when I sometimes stray off course. Her active involvement and care about my workouts as well as my life truly makes a difference - she regularly checks in, asks insightful questions, and helps me make meaningful adjustments. This has positively impacted both my physical and mental health, making my journey with trainwell incredibly worthwhile.
Trainwell client since Jan 11, 2022
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