Trainer tips: Why we love focusing on today and not transformations
February 1, 2024

Trainer tips: Why we love focusing on today and not transformations

Trainwell Trainers

As a company, we're taking a stand… Success is not about having a transformation, it’s creating meaningful changes in your life and being a happier healthier version of yourself.

We’ve remodeled our approach and app to focus on what you can do today, celebrating small wins, and building habits in movement, nutrition, mindfulness, and recovery routines. Trainwell (formerly CoPilot) trainers meet you where you are and make change doable (and we dare say fun).  

CoPilot fitness Coach Sean
Trainwell trainer Sean

The biggest change that I have truly felt with our new stance is a huge sense of relief that you don't have to invest so much energy in focusing on the outcome or destination which creates so much stress and anxiety. By focusing on what you can do today to make conscious decisions with your daily actions leaves you feeling empowered that you’re taking ownership of your health and wellness TODAY. It helps you get excited about creating healthier, more sustainable habits that will serve you for the long-run, and they genuinely seem so much happier versus worrying about an upcoming weigh-in or stressing out about achieving an outcome goals you’ve set. 

CoPilot fitness coach santana
Trainwell trainer Santana

​​I feel that the stance has created a path of no resistance. It makes it significantly easier to find ways to win, grow, and progress. It alleviates the stress of performance, and gives you realistic, sustainable actions to execute to lead you in the direction you want to go. The focus on the present moment and the next step can be transformative. 

CoPilot fitness coach Dante
Trainwell trainer Dante

One thing I love about the movement is that it simplifies your wellness journey. The exercise industry makes things so "big picture" and outcome focused that we tend to forget about the process that gets us there. This stance allows us trainers to help you focus on the day by day process, build habits, and think how we're going to make today a great day. That process and habit changes are what's going to get our clients to where they want to be in the long run and beyond that.

CoPilot fitness coach Cody
Trainwell trainer Cody

The focus on today is what really resonates with me about the Movement. It reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite books, The Power of Now by Eckhart Toll, “Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.” Many of us dwell on the past or worry about the future, while forgetting about today, or the NOW. Being empowered in what we can do today gives us the best chances for success. 

CoPilot fitness coach Kris
Trainwell trainer Kris

I have seen the clients realize that they can’t fail.  When the focus is taken away from the scale or a set number and you can be empowered by how you feel, failure is not an option.

CoPilot fitness coach Dylan
Trainwell trainer Dylan

The stance has definitely made an impact. Being able to go away from the "all or nothing" mentality to "tomorrow's a new day and fresh start" makes a huge change. Realizing this is a life journey takes a ton of pressure off of your shoulders. 

CoPilot Fitness coach Jill
Trainwell trainer Jill

This stance has been a game changer. Having a more long-term mindset is super helpful in understanding that building healthy habits now will lead to sustainable outcomes in the future. Celebrating small wins, and appreciating the process along the way helps you remain motivated and committed to your wellness journey.

CoPilot Fitness Coach Allison
Trainwell trainer Allison

The movement has given our clients permission to love the body they're in right now instead of obsessing about going back in time. We're living life right now, moving when it feels good, because we can - not because we have to. It's really freeing to ignore societal pressure and live life on your terms. Learning that happiness is not a number is powerful and can give you peace for the long haul.

CoPilot Fitness coach Tatiana
Trainwell trainer Tatiana

This movement is AMAZING and so empowering for clients to realize all they need to focus on is the day at hand, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but where your feet are at this moment. When you forget about the numbers, you can start to enjoy the journey and it actually becomes fun and not stressful. When you start to focus on these things, a huge weight is finally lifted off of your shoulders.

CoPilot Fitness Coach Devyn
Trainwell trainer Devyn

I'm thankful that the movement is helping my clients see and appreciate the many benefits of exercise and eating well. Traditionally, the fitness industry has had a single-minded focus on weight loss, but when you do so you turn your attention away from the simple ways that consistent movement and eating nutritious foods improves your life. Whether it be better sleep, getting less winded going up a flight of steps, or just feeling less stiff - there's so much more to be gained than just what the scale reads. The movement is helping clients understand and embrace that.

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Written by trainwell trainers

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