Trainer tips: 7 Time-saving tips to eat more fruits and vegetables
April 25, 2024

Trainer tips: 7 Time-saving tips to eat more fruits and vegetables

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If you’re reading this, you've probably decided that it's in your best interest to up your fruits and veggies game. Making healthy choices on a daily basis can be challenging, especially with busy schedules, children and family members who rely on you, and ambitions of your own. We’re used to our own personal eating patterns and tend to lean into what's most convenient for us, even if it means sacrificing a healthy meal for pizza night more often than we'd care to admit.

Our trainers are here to help you hit your fruit and veggie goals

Without focusing on nutrition and a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables, our health can suffer. You may lack energy in your workouts, or maybe you struggle to maintain a regular weight even through you're hitting your strength training program harder than ever. If this sounds familiar, trainwell (formerly CoPilot) personal trainers are here to help you. Check out their tips and tricks for eating more fruits and vegetables so you can start making healthier choices today!

CoPilot habit coach maria

Trainwell trainer Maria

I love buying foods with convenient servings of veggies mixed in, like spinach wraps or veggie noodles. It’s like getting a bonus dose of my greens without having to put extra broccoli on my plate! Eating this way really empowers me in my workouts and helps me feel positive and confident about what I'm putting into my body on a daily basis.

CoPilot habit coach Allison

Trainwell trainer Allison

I suggest you look for foods that look good to you! Personally, I tend to gravitate towards food with a lot of colors (it's like eating the rainbow!). I also keep an open mind and recommend you try new fruits and veggies if something is on sale - plus, it helps you from falling into a rut when you decide you're sick of spinach! That’s how my clients have discovered new foods they enjoy as well!

CoPilot habit coach Grace

Trainwell trainer Grace

I splurge on already cut-up veggies and fruits, so they are super easy to access and readily available in the refrigerator. The more convenient food is, the more likely I am to reach for it and eat it. I also try to choose fruits that are in season since they tend to be fresher and taste better!

CoPilot habit coach Lindsay

Trainwell trainer Lindsay

I pair fruit with peanut butter or almond butter. You can try it with apples, bananas, dates, and strawberries (on toast), or anything you like really! Veggies like cucumbers, peppers, celery, and carrots pair perfectly with hummus. I'm against broccoli generally, but it is an option if you're a broccoli fan. Dessert hummus is a great option too and feels like you're eating dessert without being unhealthy for your body.

CoPilot habit coach Caylene

Trainwell trainer Caylene

I buy prepared salads because they have tasty add-ins, and all I have to do is grab a fork. I also love to add in veggies like spinach or riced cauliflower to my smoothies for an extra dose of healthy green food. The flavors are often masked by the other ingredients, so it’s a great way to eat those healthy items if you're not a huge fan of the taste. 

CoPilot habit coach Devyn

Trainwell trainer Devyn

I recommend you start by prioritizing consistency! If you leverage convenient options such as frozen or canned fruits and frozen, canned, or microwaveable vegetables, that will make getting started a lot easier. Once eating these foods becomes a regular part of your life, you can consider mixing things up and adding more fresh options.

CoPilot habit coach Ken

Trainwell trainer Ken

I love to pick out my favorite colors and decide each day which color to have! For example, I'll make Monday a red food day, so I'll choose to snack on red grapes; Tuesday is often yellow food day, so I'll gravitate towards a banana. I definitely recommend a rainbow of food as a fun way to get a variety of nutrients!

Do you want to work 1-on-1 with one of trainwell's certified trainers?

Trainwell personal trainers are available to help you start focusing on the overall health of your body. Not only will they help you eat those fruits and veggies, but they will support you with custom workout plans where you can establish regular strength, cardio, or resistance training routines. Our trainers are here and ready to provide nutrition advice, help you with self-care routines, and so much more. Click here to get a free trial and enjoy a live 40-minute call along with full access to the app.

Don't take our word for it!

We have so many inspiring stories from our clients who have improved their health, regained confidence, and reached their fitness and nutrition goals with trainwell. No matter your goals, our trainers are here to listen and help YOU - so if you're ready to improve your life today, be sure to get started with trainwell!

"I’ve been using CoPilot (now trainwell) for a few months now. Copilot has been a positive experience so far. It has helped me with my confidence and helped me to build healthy habits. My coach Coach Olivia has been an amazing coach. She’s attentive, knowledgeable, patient and such a sweetheart. We have built a wonderful Coach/client relationship. I’m glad I found CoPilot it’s a great app. Thank you!!!" - Kourtni C

"Not only have I increased in stamina for all of my workouts and moving throughout the day, I just feel happier and more confident than the year I started. I also lost 35 pounds within the past five months. My coach Samantha has been super helpful, checking in to see how I feel about the workouts, making changes that would help me personally improve my consistency in my workout habits, and helping me in health aspects outside of the workouts and giving me tips on nutrition as well." - Rebecca

"I have ADHD and have a complicated history with disordered eating and abusing exercise. Working with Mike has been a game changer because he understands and respects my need to avoid diet culture. In addition he does a great job of anticipating my need to consistently change up workouts to keep me from getting bored. I still have to show up for myself, but its so much easier when my movement is tailored to me and I have Mike to help keep me accountable. That accountability is never based in guilt and its always supportive. What can be changed to make it easier to show up for myself? Or checking in ahead of time if any workouts need to be shifted to accommodate what's happening in my life. For example, right now I'm dealing with lower back pain regularly so Mike has adjusted my workouts to movements that don't aggravate my back and work other muscle groups that will help compensate. For me CoPilot (now trainwell) is worth every penny. If someone is serious about regularly exercising to support their life this support system is an invaluable tool to help make it happen." - Jenn

Written by trainwell trainers

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