How Rayna Showed Her Son What a Healthy Life Looks Like
October 21, 2021

How Rayna Showed Her Son What a Healthy Life Looks Like

Rayna didn’t have enough energy and mobility to keep up with her son. She needed to find a plan that would get everyone moving more and eating better.

I’m a working mom, and my son means everything to me, I love spending time with him, and I don’t want to be holding him back from activities just because I can’t keep up. 

I want to show my son what a long and healthy life looks like. I want him to grow up knowing his mom was able to keep up with him and not think twice about it.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I felt so tired after work that I just wanted to tell him to play video games so I could relax. But one day the thought hit me - am I going to be too tired and too unhealthy to keep up with him for the rest of my life? I mean, this kid likes to move. 

So, the main things I really needed help with were energy, mobility, and stamina. Then there is the issue of time… just playing with my son wasn’t enough to target those problems points, and I didn’t want to spend an hour at some gym aka more time away from my kid!

Working out as a family

In my searches for a fitness program that would fit my schedule and not have me away from home, I found the trainwell (formerly CoPilot) fitness app. So, the coolest thing about this is that my son actually loves doing the exercises with me. We are staying fit and healthy while having some fun together. I’m home, I don’t need equipment. My trainer is amazing, she checks up on me and keeps me in line. 

When I first started with my trainer, I would get so frustrated because I couldn’t do some of these moves. She would ask me a few questions and then coach me through some modifications. I would do these modified moves until I worked through the discomfort safely, and after a couple of weeks, I don’t even struggle with them. 

I really wanted to be held accountable to follow through with a fitness program, because I was just following through on my own. And that is just what my trainer does, the training time is really flexible, but she regularly checks in on me, holding me accountable to keep up with my goals. I love that. 

I don’t dread my workouts anymore, and most importantly I have not been struggling to keep up with my son. He knows his mom can keep up with him, we can do everything together. 

Getting healthy for my kids

The training has taught me a discipline that I never had before, and I’m actually able to take that self-discipline and use it to motivate others. I have told other moms about my experience because when we neglect our own health, we are really taking a lot of great experiences away from our kids.

I mean our kids rely on us, right? They are going to be limited by what we’re able to do when they are young… and if we don’t teach them an active, fit lifestyle when they are little, because we are too out of shape, that kind of sets them up for some bad habits. I am just so glad that I started to see this when I did. That’s why I talk to other moms about investing more into their health, this is a big deal. 

Newfound confidence and skills

I can do some things now that I couldn’t before training with trainwell. Like I said I had no upper-body strength. And I was always afraid because I couldn’t rely on my arms to pull myself up or catch myself if I would fall. 

We recently went on a wooded hike, this was pretty steep in spots, and I totally would have turned around and gone back before, but I have the confidence now because I know I have the strength. Also running for more than a few seconds seemed impossible before. I was that mom that was like “Okay, you go chase the ball. I’ll be here, doubled over.” And now we are racing each other for the ball. It’s so much more fun for both of us. 

Exercise makes me feel more motivated. I definitely pay more attention to what food we eat now. My mood is better overall, and I am even more focused at work. I feel so good knowing that my son has a mom that can keep up, and even challenge him to reach higher goals, we’re in this together as a team!

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The story of trainwell member Rayna V.

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