How Richard Got His Confidence Back and Stopped Taking Shortcuts
August 26, 2021

How Richard Got His Confidence Back and Stopped Taking Shortcuts

Richard wanted to feel better inside and out but generic fitness apps weren’t doing it. He needed someone who could help him stay consistent.

Ever since I was a kid in gym class, I took the easy way out when it came to physical activity. I remember faking injuries and illnesses to my already hypochondriac of a mother so I could get letters excusing me from the activity of the day. Whether they were running a mile or climbing the rope, I had my bases covered. The letter from my mother ensured my observation from the sidelines. 

This never seemed like an issue until my late 20s and early 30s. My once fast metabolism had slowed and I started carrying weight in places I hadn’t before. My stomach seemed to have expanded overnight, although I’m well aware it was years of work. My face felt bloated beneath my beard. I knew a quick shave would reveal a new chin I hadn’t seen before. 

I’m tall and had always been rather gangly up until recently, so I had no idea how to dress with this added weight. I had to nip the issue in the bud if I was ever going to feel confident again. I could learn how to dress myself at this weight and be happy, but I also knew if I put just a little effort into working out I would probably see a significant change. 

The great app hunt

I decided to download an app that tracked the miles I traveled on foot or bicycle. This way, I could just see what my baseline was for miles traveled just getting around daily without a car. 

Once I had that number, I figured I could just work on increasing it slowly by biking to work more or walking a little longer each night. I pretty much only drove the six miles to work which was something I could easily start biking on a regular basis. 

It seemed like the perfect plan. It was actually a pretty perfect plan if only I could stick to a plan. After a few weeks of tracking my baseline, I started to get tired of using the app every time I stepped out the door. Consistency waned and soon enough I wasn’t tracking anything. 

I was still walking and biking, so I thought maybe I was just using the wrong app. I found an app bundle that was meant to help you start doing push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and other calisthenics that your body wasn’t used to. 

I thought it might be worth it to track each move separately and watch my progress that way...what a terrible mistake. I barely lasted a few days with these apps. I never logged in, even if I did the workouts. 

Everything was slipping

It was more than just my body that suffered during this time. My mind felt weak, as well. I didn’t feel like I could finish anything. My drive and motivation suffered, as well as my confidence and security. I felt like I wasn’t performing my best at work and pretty soon my boss started to notice. 

I crept closer and closer to deadlines and memos often went unnoticed. Details were slipping and I needed to make a change. Not only did I want to look better, but I also wanted to feel better! I wanted to prove to myself, once and for all, that I could show up for myself and for others. I needed to make a change.

I started evaluating the things I had tried. What did they have in common? Zero accountability and no personalization. Nothing I had worked with so far held me accountable for missed workouts. None of the apps really kept up with how I was feeling and adjusted things accordingly so that I felt like I could still accomplish a workout, even if I wasn’t feeling my best. 

These two problems combined seemed like difficult ones to overcome with another app. I considered the possibility of going to a gym with a workout buddy or personal trainer, but really enjoyed the idea of being able to workout on my own and in my own space. I did some research on apps that might offer some sort of more personalized workout when I stumbled upon trainwell (formerly CoPilot). 

My longest commitment

Trainwell promised to provide completely tailored workouts from a personal trainer. I could do the workouts wherever I wanted and with whomever I wanted and everything would be tracked from my Apple Watch. I could have complete control over the intensity of my workouts and got to meet with my trainer regularly to ensure I had ample time to explain what I needed from a routine. 

I’ve been working out with trainwell for the last three months now, which is the longest commitment I have ever had with a workout program, and I am seeing some significant changes. 

My body is tightening up again, but I wouldn’t classify myself as gangly anymore. I definitely have more muscle mass than I did before. Also, I never even realized this was a problem, but I don’t slouch anymore. My back and neck seem to have straightened out or something because I’m a solid inch taller than I used to be. 

I suppose that could also just be the newfound confidence I have been experiencing. Maybe I’m just actually standing tall and pulling my shoulders back because I’m proud of myself and the work I have done to improve my body and overall health. My trainer reminds me every week that I have moved mountains in a matter of months and I feel excited about what is to come with trainwell by my side. 

No more shortcuts

I don’t feel like I’m taking shortcuts anymore. Not with my health. Not with my career. Not with my life. I’m engaged in ways I wasn’t before. I have more energy for the day and for people. I look people in the eyes more and am not afraid to speak my mind. 

I now know that I can do anything I put my mind to. Whether or not I am using trainwell, I know I am capable, but I will always take advantage of this incredible service and the wonderful insight of its trainers. It has been worth every penny and all of the time I have spent with them.

Are you ready to feel more engaged with life? Get a free trainwell trial and experience the power 1-on-1 support can make in reaching your health goals. 

The story of trainwell member Richard T.

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