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Zachary W.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2022
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Zachary W.
Hi, I'm Zach. Health and wellness are a bit of an obsession for me. I'm a fanatic for all things training and nutrition! This passion sprung from a love of sport and competition at a young age, leading me to pursue a career in collegiate strength and conditioning. My vocational experiences in D1 athletics along with my education have given me a diverse skillset and a bevy of different approaches to help my clients reach goals that may seem lofty or unattainable. Oftentimes, I believe the fundamentals of training and nutrition are the missing cogs in people's pursuit of a healthier life. I value building strong rapport and relationships with those I have the privilege of helping. Let's get better together!
4 years training
MA Sport Business Leadership
Nutrition Counseling
Behavior Change
Competitive weightlifting
Indie/alternative rock
America - Phoenix
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Zachary W.
More about Zachary W.
Additional specialties:
Sports performance
Strength training
Weight management
Mobility & flexibility
Overall health
Additional experience:
Older populations
Plus-size populations
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Zachary W.
My fitness journey has greatly improved thanks to my ever-responsive and enthusiastic trainwell coach. They've not only helped me stick consistently to my workouts, making me stronger, but also done an exceptional job at customizing these workouts to suit my available equipment and weights.
Trainwell client since Jan 02, 2022
Having a coach who consistently checks-in on me and readily adjusts our plan as issues arise is truly remarkable. My trainwell coach not only holds me accountable but is also a consistent support system, existing as more than just a coach, but also as a friend.
Trainwell client since Jul 20, 2022
Trainwell client since
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