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Lauren W.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2023
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Lauren W.
Hi! I'm your trainer, Lauren. Growing up as an athlete and competitive swimmer, I've always been very passionate about health and fitness. I've been a certified personal trainer since obtaining a B.S. in Exercise Science in 2012. I enjoy helping others see what their bodies are capable of, live with less pain, and reach or exceed their goals. I have worked with a variety of clients and have learned that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach. My goal is to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey and help you reach beyond your goals. I will be there to support you and hold you accountable every step of the way!
B.S. Exercise Science
10+ years of personal training, group fitness, and virtual training experience
Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness
Weight Loss
Strength Training
Spending time with family
Comedy movies
America - Phoenix
More about
Lauren W.
More about Lauren W.
Additional specialties:
Healthy eating
Overall health
Mobility & flexibility
Quality of life
Strength training
Additional experience:
Older populations
Pre/postnatal mothers
Plus-size populations
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Lauren W.
Thanks to my coach's unwavering commitment, I'm achieving my fitness goals and feeling stronger. Her personable nature coupled with her talent for keeping me accountable makes for an unbeatable team. In my eyes, she's simply the best.
Trainwell client since Nov 03, 2023
Having a trainwell coach, who excels in taking my feedback and provides effective workout strategies, has truly transformed my fitness journey. The highlight is her wonderful nature of continuously checking in without making me feel pressured. She creates a comfortable environment to discuss my fitness goals and boosts my confidence, making me feel that my aspirations are indeed achievable - a feeling I've never experienced before.
Trainwell client since Nov 03, 2023
Trainwell client since
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