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Austin R.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2022
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Austin R.
Hey there, I'm your trainer, Austin! I became interested in health and wellness because of the poor state of my own health. Constantly grinding in my former career left me little time for my own fitness, or so I thought. I found a phenomenal coach and discovered that there is plenty of time in anyone's day to meet health and fitness goals. This is the value of coaching! I went from an overweight pre-diabetic to a competitor, and I owe it all to the great training I received. Since then, my goal has been to be a source of motivation and profound success and share my knowledge with others. Let's meet your goals together!
BS Astrophysics
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Coach
Strength Training
Weight Loss
DIY home projects
America - Los Angeles
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Austin R.
More about Austin R.
Additional specialties:
Healthy eating
Overall health
Sports performance
Strength training
Additional experience:
Body dysmorphia
Plus-size populations
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Austin R.
Austin, my trainwell coach, with his consistently encouraging demeanor and passion for teaching, has always been attentive to keep me challenged and eager for my next huge breakthrough. His ability to genuinely connect and show care for my progress, never getting trapped in past hurdles, truly marks him as the real deal. My experience with him has been a golden time of progress, making him undoubtedly the best coach I've had yet!
Trainwell client since Jul 04, 2021
Austin, my coach from trainwell, is genuinely amazing in his approach. With his encouraging, supportive personality, and a remarkable willingness to adjust according to my goals, it's fair to say his collaboration has been fantastic.
Trainwell client since Feb 19, 2022
Coach Austin has made my workout feel effortless yet effective, focusing not only on exercising but maintaining a healthy diet too. His fun and motivational approach really made the difference for me; his unwavering support, even in the smallest victories, kept me motivated. Above all, I am grateful for his perseverance and vibrant energy which kept my fitness journey engaging and far from dull - he's the best!
Trainwell client since Mar 09, 2022
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