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Alexandra C.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2023
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Alexandra C.
Hey, hey--I’m Alex! My love for fitness began when I was a high school athlete and it has stuck with me ever since. Over time, that passion developed into a career in health and wellness, and I have been a certified personal trainer since 2019. I enjoy interacting with clients in all phases of their fitness journeys (especially newbies) and I hope to guide them with positivity and acceptance. I believe movement and a healthy lifestyle are key elements to improving quality of life so you can keep doing you!
BFA Acting
Functional Training Specialist
Functional Training Specialist
General fitness
Weight Loss
New adventures
Spin classes
Spicy food
America - Chicago
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Alexandra C.
More about Alexandra C.
Additional specialties:
Overall health
Healthy eating
Mental wellness
Mobility & flexibility
Quality of life
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Older populations
Plus-size populations
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Alexandra C.
The encouragement, information and flexibility I received from Alex, my trainwell trainer, has been instrumental in navigating my health challenges this year, helping me gain strength in spite of setbacks. She's not just non-judgemental and encouraging, but also adds an element of fun with her cool and funny demeanor, making this journey enjoyable. This past year, I've become stronger than ever before, a feat that wouldn't have been possible without Alex's unique training approach, her unwavering support, and her continuous encouragement. I'm truly appreciative and grateful!
Trainwell client since Mar 11, 2023
Having an empathetic and understanding coach like mine at trainwell is truly amazing. Always prepared and on time, it's reassuring to know I can count on her to have everything ready ahead of time. It feels wonderful to have such a dedicated professional by my side.
Trainwell client since Jul 19, 2022
Getting stronger both physically and mentally has been an incredible journey with trainwell, all thanks to my coach Alexandra. I was instantly drawn to her as she not only made things easy to understand but also adapted the routines to my needs, eliminating exercises like burpees which I always dreaded. The best part? I'm genuinely excited about each workout and looking forward to what next year brings. This investment in my wellbeing has brought happiness in ways I couldn't imagine.
Trainwell client since Feb 25, 2023
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