Trainwell vs. Future
Trainwell is more than just an app. And more than just a trainer.
At trainwell, we place you at the center of your fitness journey. We understand that fitness is an individual, evolving experience. We focus on personalization, flexibility, and education as we blend human coaching with intuitive technology to ensure your workouts are enjoyable and effective.
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The trainwell advantage
With trainwell, you're not getting a one-size-fits-all workout routine. We believe that every individual is unique, and your fitness journey should be, too. From the moment you take our quiz, we’re learning about you. Our expert trainers take the time to know your story, so every workout is a step towards reaching your personal goals.

While Future offers personalized coaching, it’s primarily fixated on fitness metrics. Trainwell envisions a world where fitness is a seamless part of your lifestyle.
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Why choose trainwell over Future?
Personalized training: Your trainer continuously adapts every workout to your goals, schedule, and injuries.
Step-by-step guidance: You get instructions from your trainer and live feedback on your pacing and form.
Motion technology: Workouts are enhanced by real-time motion feedback to track your reps & form.
More affordable pricing: Starts at a price catered to a wider audience, and includes a trial period.
Sports performance: Programs are designed for athletes, without the same degree of customization.
Structured check-ins: You can communicate with coaches without as much personal engagement.
Performance tracking: Emphasizes metric-driven results over real-time form analysis.
High-end pricing: Starts at a premium price, which might not be as accessible for all users.
Trainwell personal trainer on a video call with a client
Does trainwell offer more personalization than Future?
Yes! Unlike Future, trainwell allows you to stay in constant contact with your trainer and personalizes that interaction. From welcome videos to encouraging emojis, trainwell is designed to be relational and engaging.

This personal approach is coupled with flexibility. Whether you're working out in a gym or in the corner of your apartment, trainwell's workout plans are adaptable. And if life throws you a curveball—a sudden illness or a change in schedule—trainwell trainers are ready to swap exercises and tailor your workouts accordingly, a level of customization that’s not as explicitly offered by Future.
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What makes trainwell different?
More personalization
Every trainwell workout plan is customized to match your unique goals and lifestyle, ensuring your fitness journey is as individual as you are.
Focus on flexibility
With trainwell, you can workout from the gym or comfort of your home with step-by-step instructions and live feedback on your pacing and form.
All human connection
Trainwell's experienced trainers are your partners on this fitness journey, consistently making your workouts more enjoyable and effective.
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Ready for a fitness journey that's all about you? Join trainwell and experience truly personalized fitness. Let's build a stronger, healthier, and more confident version of you, together.
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