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Justin C.

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Trainwell personal trainer since 2021
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Justin C.
Hey, I’m your trainer, Justin! I was never naturally the best athlete. Although I was active and participated in many sports, I was overweight growing up. Once I was introduced to weight training during high school sports, I realized how much your body and mind can really change with diligent work and consistency and that you can really make drastic changes. That’s when I started my lifelong process of learning about nutrition and exercise. I began my career realizing that I would love to share my knowledge and help others enjoy the process of training, movement, and living a healthy lifestyle. I believe in spreading the message of focusing on human function, performance, preventing injury, and integrating movement into your daily life. I firmly believe that training should improve your life, and help you do and enjoy all the hobbies and activities you want to do.
10 years training
Masters of Applied Exercise Science
Mobility & Strength
Bodyweight Training
Weight Loss
America - Chicago
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Justin C.
More about Justin C.
Additional specialties:
Overall health
Mobility & flexibility
Quality of life
Sports performance
Strength training
Additional experience:
Older populations
Plus-size populations
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Justin C.
Justin, my coach at trainwell, has been instrumental in introducing me to new exercises, always offering encouragement along the way. His responsiveness, consistency, and commitment to keeping me accountable are just a few reasons why I would highly recommend these services.
Trainwell client since Apr 04, 2022
My fitness journey has been a success with the continuous motivation and goal-oriented assistance from my trainwell coach. The best part is his non-judgemental attitude, even when I'm not on track with my training. He's an incredible communicator who always knows how to keep me inspired!
Trainwell client since Mar 17, 2022
Having a trainwell coach has raised my consistency in working out, ensuring I never completely lose progress. I appreciate his persistence and his extensive knowledge that he graciously shares. Despite my own lack of communication, he's continually encouraging and diligently follows up with me - he's great!
Trainwell client since Feb 15, 2022
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