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Jeremy S.
Hi! My name is Jeremy and I’m originally from Southern California but now reside in Houston, Tx! I have my Associate degree in Kinesiology with a certification through NASM for Personal Training. Most days, if I’m not at the gym with my members or my own workout, I’m at home hanging out with my dog at home! Being an athlete my entire life, I knew I had to continue on with a career path that would keep me moving and active but more importantly, one that has to do with building a team and helping my teammates reach goals they never thought they could alone! Continuing on to help individuals reach all their health goals is what I’ve dedicated my life to for the past 5+ years, and there’s no other industry I could imagine being in where there is so much reward for helping each individual!
5 Years Personal Training
AS Kinesiology
Athletic Conditioning
Ageless Fitness
Exploring with my dog Rose
America - Chicago
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Jeremy S.
More about Jeremy S.
Additional specialties:
Strength training
Sports performance
Reducing fatigue
Mobility & flexibility
Healthy eating
Additional experience:
Body dysmorphia
Plus-size populations
Older populations
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Jeremy S.
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Trainwell client since
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